OWS-9: Web Services Façade

LISAsoft developed an open source, Web Services Façade pilot, which enables web services, such as those which implement OGC standards, to be easily extended via a configurable proxy to support multiple protocols (such as SOAP, POST, GET, etc).


Most implementations of Open Geospatial Consortium web services are only accessible via one or two protocols (such as GET and POST), however implementers often wish to access these services by other protocols, such as SOAP.  Following through from LISAsoft’s recommendations in prior OGC testbeds, LISAsoft was hired to develop a pilot Web Services Façade which translates between protocols.

The  Web Services Façade sits on top of Web Service and translate between one protocol and another. Translations are managed by XML based configuration files, with one configuration file for each web service supported.

For this testbed, LISAsoft developed the core translation functionality, and applied it for translating between a WFS SOAP server, and WFS POST client. LISAsoft also demonstrated how to extend the framework to support other standards and other protocols.  

This project demonstrates LISAsoft’s practical and innovative experience applying OGC standards, and our experience building Open Source software.